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Campana Brothers

Brazil’s famous brother designers' inspirations are prosaic materials and the seeking of chaos. The Campana Brothers were invited to embark upon a fashion journey ruled by the prosaic material - plastic.  Falling completely in love with their new medium they have created over 6 extremely successful styles for Melissa, one of which was inspired by their 2004 award winning Corallo chair, the irregular woven form resembles the sprawling coral reefs found off the coast of Brazil.

The Campana’s are known for their ability to promote the meeting of the old and the new, in a modern perspective of organized chaos and beautiful disorder, which is closely related to Brazil and its art.  The overlapping of lines, which is the feature of their work with Melissa, has always been a sign of both the brothers' work.

Their work is inspired by Brazilian street life and carnival and mostly uses unwanted materials such as wood or off-cut fabrics. The London Design Museum defines their work as “transforming something poor into something decadent and opulent”.

Melissa teamed up with the Campana Brothers to produce a line of flats made from 30% recycled PVC with portions of the proceeds donated to World Vision, a charity dedicated to lifting children out of poverty. Melissa shoes can be disassembled and recycled. Solid, liquid, and gas residues from production are recycled and nothing leaves the factory without being treated, resulting in practically zero waste. To complement the shoes, the Campanas and Melissa created a handbag made in the same traces.

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